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Media Release – Darebin City Councillors Discriminate Against Recreational Fishers

Darebin City Councillors Discriminate Against Recreational Fishers – Media Release

 25th October 2021 

Darebin City Councillors Discriminate Against Recreational Fishers 

VRFish condemns Darebin City Councillors for failing to deliver on the city’s Health and Wellbeing Plan and discriminating against local families who choose recreational fishing as their form of outdoor active recreation. 

VRFish was today informed that a Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) written request to improve recreational fishing access at Edwardes Park Lake in Reservoir has been refused due to councillor perception that recreational fishing results in negative impacts on environmental values and water quality in an urban lake. 

VRFish Chair Rob Loats said “We are aggrieved that Darebin City councillors have prohibited recreational fishing for the 8,700 recreational fishing licence holders, their families and friends in the local lake.“ 

“The VFA Family Fishing Lake program has been successful across the State in delivering improved recreational fishing access to hundreds of thousands of Victorians, at a time when outdoor active recreation is more important than ever.” 

“To suggest that you have a plan to increase social connectedness, exercise and community health and wellbeing, but only if residents undertake an outdoor recreational activity council deem worthy, is anathema to VRFish. Adding a $552 penalty infringement notice for undertaking a legal and beneficial outdoor activity is beyond the pale.” 

“VRFish will now notify every recreational fishing licence holder and the local businesses that support them as to the Darebin councillors’ position. We will also remind them before the next local government election,” said Mr Loats. 

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