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  • My Victorian Waterway Survey

    Survey closes on 17 April 2022.

  • River Jewel Flushed Away

    The Goulburn River is cited as the most important freshwater destinations in surveys of recreational fishers. We regard this river as a jewel in the crown for Victoria’s native aquatic species, from Murray cod to critically endangered Trout cod and...

  • DELWP Water Planning

    Discussion draft strategy consultation closes 10 December 2021.

  • Water for the environment: how the benefits to native fish outweigh carp risk

    Written by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) Carp are the rabbits of our waterways and occupy a wide range of aquatic habitats, including rivers, estuaries, wetlands, lakes, reservoirs, and irrigation networks. While they live in all types of...

  • Goulburn to Murray trade rule review

    Consultation closes on 30 April 2021.

  • Catastrophic Greens Lake Fish Kill Imminent

    Image: Elizabeth Merritt from the Save Greens Lake Recreation Reserve Facebook page VRFish is calling on Acting Water Minister, Richard Wynne, to immediately deliver water to Greens Lake to prevent an impending and devastating fish kill from occurring.  Greens...

  • Saving the Lower Goulburn Before it’s Flushed Away

    Late last year, we began advocating to save the Goulburn River from being treated like a water pipe to service water irrigators hundreds of kilometres away in the lower Murray. It’s never been more important for recreational fishers to...

  • Goulburn to Murray Trade Rule Review

    The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) needs our input to proposed changes to the Goulburn to Murray trade rule. Inter-valley trade, where enormous amounts of water are moved from the Goulburn river to the Murray River,...

  • It’s a River, Not a Water Pipe

    Another summer and another case of a high-flowing lower Goulburn River to meet water demands further downstream. In recent years the river has been used Victoria’s largest water pipe and its not good for river health and its bad...

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