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  • Artificial Reefs Deployed in the Bay

    When we think about targeting kingfish in the bay, there’s one place that’s at the top of our minds: the Rip. The ‘canyons’ in the Rip provide an ideal structure for kingfish, making it an absolute hotspot for recfishers...

  • OzFish making fishing better through better habitat

    OzFish Unlimited have recently released their 2020-21 Annual Report which highlights the incredible outcomes they have achieved across the country. Recfishers know and value the importance of healthy habitat and the impact it has on our fishing. OzFish is...

  • proposed actions to destroy recreational fishing and boating in Greens Lake Corop
  • Jacksons Creek Regional Parklands Suburban Parks Program

    Jacksons Creek Regional Parklands Suburban Parks Program

    In 2018, the Victorian Government committed to create the new Jacksons Creek Regional Parklands near Sunbury in Melbourne’s north-west. These parklands are being created to provide benefits for the environment as well as the community. The Victorian Government has...

  • Cardinia Creek Regional Parklands Suburban Parks Program children riding bikes

    Cardinia Creek Regional Parklands Suburban Parks Program

    In 2018, the Victorian Government committed to establish Cardinia Creek Regional Parklands, a 508-hectare parkland near Officer in Melbourne’s south-east. The parklands are being expanded and enhanced to benefit the environment and the community. The Victorian Government has provided...

  • Cape to Cape Resilience Project

    The coastline around Inverloch, Venus Bay and Anderson Inlet is a beautiful and dynamic part of the landscape. Natural processes such as winds, waves, tides, currents and catchment flows move sand and sediments, reshaping the coastline. These processes sometimes...

  • Parks Victoria’s Draft Land Management Strategy

    Parks Victoria has developed a draft Land Management Strategy that sets out a clear vision and long-term strategies and priorities for the protection, management and use of Parks Victoria managed land for the next decade. This is the first...

  • DELWP Water Planning

    Discussion draft strategy consultation closes 10 December 2021.

  • The entrance to the great ocean road

    The Great Ocean Road is getting a makeover!

    Do you go fishing along the Great Ocean Road? 🎣Get involved in shaping the Great Ocean Road Coastal Trail: Fairhaven to Skenes Creek. The Victorian Government has provided $23.8 million to plan and deliver the trail, with the Australian Government...

  • VRFish pledges support for Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy!

    We encourage recreational fishers to do the same. Your fishing will depend on it. The strategy identifies the big-picture changes required to build the resilience of the Catchment’s land, water, biodiversity and people now and into the future. The...

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