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  • Management of Instream Woody Habitat

    Improving the management of Instream Woody Habitat in Victoria In the past, some believed that instream woody habitat (IWH) increased risks of flooding and erosion and hampered river navigation.  This led to riparian clearing and the removal of large...

  • Hume Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

    The survey closes 30 October 2020.

  • Wild Trout Fisheries Management Program

    By Anthony Forster, Freshwater Fisheries Manager, Fisheries Victoria Brown and rainbow trout were introduced into Victoria during the 1860s by homesick early settlers pining for a connection to their English motherland. The legacy of this work endures with trout...

  • Catching tropical fish in Victoria?

    By Yvette Barry, science writer for REDMAP Australia’s seas are warming and fish are moving their homes further south than usual. Last summer Paul Sorensen spotted a tropical-looking fish lingering in an abandoned shopping trolley under Frankston Pier, south-east...

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