Affiliate Organisation Membership

Affiliated Organisation Membership is open to organisations and institutions that share VRFish’s vision to work collaboratively through joint advocacy, research, communication, training, funding or other services. Affiliated Members are voting members and receive access to the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to support Victoria’s recreational fishing peak body, VRFish.
  • Invitations to Member forums.
  • Opportunity to communicate directly to Victorian recreational fishers on shared issues and opportunities.
  • Build networks with other recreational fishing organisations and individual fishers.
  • Contribute to the development of policy and strategy of VRFish.
  • Entitled to attend and speak at the AGM
  • Able to participate in committees and working groups of VRFish
  • Opportunity to nominate for Board positions and vote at VRFish Annual General Meetings.

The requirements to join VRFish as an Affiliated Organisations are:

  1. The organisation has aligned and supporting purposes to those of VRFish
  2. Are a not-for-profit, charitable, research or public benevolent organisation
  3. To abide by the VRFish Constitution

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