Health Benefits

Get โ€˜hookedโ€™ on the best recreational activity going around

Recreational fishing is no doubt a healthy form of outdoor recreation.

A study completed by FRDC in 2011 revealed considerable evidence that encouraging young
children, youth, adults and family to fish would offer a healthful form of outdoor recreation
that could be enjoyed throughout life.

For youth, the main areas of health benefits include giving them incentive to go outdoors
and interact with nature and the environment. This replaces the sedentary electronic leisure
activities. Recreational fishing provides children and young adults with incentives that help
to deter antisocial behaviour.

For seniors the major health benefit was providing a form of physical activity and Vitamin D
from the sun. Both of these are vital in seniors as vitamin D levels reduce and physical
exercise becomes difficult. The added benefit of protein and omega 3 from eating fish go
towards a healthy diet for all individuals.

With more research and studies being conducted every year into the heath benefits, it is an
indisputable that recreational fishing has health and well-being benefits. Now is the perfect
opportunity for parents to involve their kids in an activity that will provide them with a
healthy lifestyle for their whole lives. So next time you head out for a fish, take your kids
and get them โ€˜hookedโ€™ on a hobby that will be more exciting than any video game they can

For a full version of the FRDC report download here.

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