Gone Fishing Day

National Gone Fishing Day is our symbolic day for recreational fishers to celebrate our favourite pastime, fishing!

When is National Gone Fishing Day in 2020?

Sunday 18 October 2020

What’s Happening this Year?

This year, ARFF have carefully designed Gone Fishing Day 2020 so that anyone can safely get involved on the day via an innovative Gone Fishing Day App and be in the running for prizes – which will be drawn every 5 minutes. Through the Gone Fishing Day app, fishers can upload photos and videos of their favourite fishing locations, captures and stories of their memorable fishing moments. 

ARFF spokesperson John Burgess said, “Fishing is central to the Australian way of life with an estimated 3.5 million participants annually wetting a line from the shore or boat or donning a wetsuit in pursuit of diverse fishing experiences. For some it is a sport or a leisure activity, for others it is a social activity spent with family and friends. Whether you are young or old, recreational fishing is a lifelong activity that everyone can enjoy while connecting with Australia’s unique marine and aquatic environments.”

“With the help of OzFish Unlimited, Gone Fishing Day 2020 will also ask fishers to focus on those amazing waterways and fish habitats that provide Australians with incredible fishing opportunities and experiences.” 

“With droughts, bush fires and now COVID-19 throwing a dampener on so many outdoor sporting and social activities the importance of recreational fishing as an avenue for health and well-being cannot be overstated. The significance of recreational fishing upon our mental health is something we want to highlight in this year’s event celebrations and to serve as a reminder that we should never take this for granted.”

For further information head to the Gone Fishing Day website www.gonefishingday.com.au and follow Gone Fishing Day on Facebook and Instagram

The Gone Fishing Day app will be available for download from both the Apple and Google Play stores from mid-September.


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