Women In Recreational Fishing

VRFish is always looking for new ways to get more people, especially women and families, to become more involved in the recreational fishing industry. It is a healthy, outdoor activity which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Within our sector, there are a lot of women not only participating recreationally but also pursuing a career within the industry. VRFish, for example, has a majority of female employees as well as a number of female members representing and advocating for recreational fishers.

In 2018, the Victorian Fisheries Authority created the Women In Recreational Fishing Network (WIRF) Facebook group. Today, the group has over 1,600 members from across the country.

The WIRF group was created as a way for more women to connect and grow a love of fishing. The group is intended to be a safe space to discuss all things fishing with likeminded women. 

There is a diverse range of women within the group, ranging from novices who are interested in taking up a new hobby to those who are incredibly experienced fishers. While it is primarily for those based in Victoria, females from other states and countries are also welcomed into the group. 

Whether you want to try your hand at fly fishing or branch out to a new fishing spot, the group is full of supportive women who can provide advice. As the network grows, so will the opportunities to learn more from fellow fisherwomen.

The Women In Recreational Fishing Network can be found here.

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