Fishing Clubs

There are many reasons to join a fishing club!

  • Fishing clubs give fishers access to a fantastic group of people who love to talk about fishing as much as they do.
  • They give a sense of contributing to the local community.
  • Club membership provides an opportunity to participate in social and competitive events.
  • They give the ability to improve fishing by learning from more experienced fishers or to share your own knowledge.

Club membership also provides a means to contribute to the political landscape of fishing, and have your say in issues that affect you and your favourite fisheries.

Our member associations and clubs:

Albert Park Yachting & Angling Club

Contact: Patrick Hutchinson
Phone: 03 9329 8200
Email: [email protected]

Association of Geelong & District Angling Clubs

Contact: John Hotchin
Phone: 03 52486817
Email: [email protected]

Australian Anglers Association (VIC)

Contact: Tim Hose
Phone: 0428 521 449

Australian National Sportfishing Association (VIC)

Contact: Kevin Hunter
Phone: 0408 108 451
Email: [email protected]

Ballarat & District Anglers Association

Contact: Geoff Cramer
Phone: 0418 320 139
Email: [email protected]

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron

Contact: Brian Wright
Phone: 0421 764 370
Email: [email protected]

Berwick Angling Club

Contact: Andrew Matthews
Phone: 0418340212
Email: [email protected]

Blind Bight Boat Owners

Contact: Charlie Rennie
Email: [email protected]

Boating Victoria

Contact: Wallace Nicholson
Phone: 03 9584 6609
Email: [email protected]

Central Vic Lure Casters

Contact: Shane Melrose
Email: [email protected]

Chinese Angling Association (Victoria)

Contact: Halley Xu
Email: [email protected]

Corinella Boating and Angling Club

Contact: Allan Willoughby
Phone: 0419 601 500
Email: [email protected]

Council of Victorian Fly Fishing Clubs

Contact: Doug Braham
Phone: 03 5174 4606
Email: [email protected]

Fishcare Victoria

Contact: Sarah Van Stokrom
Email: [email protected]

Game Fishing Association of Victoria

Contact: Geoff Fisher
Phone: 0412 005 850
Email: [email protected]

Gippsland Angling Clubs Association

Contact: Robert Caune
Phone: 03 5155 1505
Email: [email protected]

Goulburn Valley Association of Angling Clubs

Contact: Wally Cubbin
Phone: 0428 942 744
Email: [email protected]

Howqua Angling Clubs Fish Protection Association

Contact: Steven Relf
Phone: 0417 553 249
Email: [email protected]

Metropolitan Anglers Association

Contact: Russell Conway
Email: [email protected]

Midland & North Central Angling Association

Contact: Greg Hellsten
Phone: 0401 984 323
Email: [email protected]

Mid Northern Association of Angling Clubs

Contact: Alan Digby
Phone: 03 5492 2822
Email: [email protected]

Native Fish Australia

Contact: Tim Curmi
Phone: 0417 419 765
Email: [email protected]

North East Angling Association

Contact: Stafford Simpson
Phone: 0419 564 319
Email: [email protected]

Ormond Angling Club

Contact: Tom Nadebaum
Phone: 0409 164 268
Email: [email protected]

Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria

Contact: Priya Cardinaletti
Phone: 0414 310 727
Email: [email protected]

South West District Association of Angling Clubs

Contact: Alex Rochfort
Phone: 0417114674
Email: [email protected]

Southern Freedivers

Contact: Clint Engel
Phone: 0409 613 804
Email: [email protected]

Torquay Angling Club

Contact: Steve Burton
Phone: 0412 101 225
Email: [email protected]

Victorian Piscatorial Council

Contact: Peter Milley
Phone: 0419 537 082
Email: [email protected]

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