Kris Leckie

Kris is currently serving his second term as a board director since joining VRFish back in 2016 and has been instrumental in helping drive the transformation that has seen VRFish become a modern and influential peak body. 

Kris is a passionate conservationist with a particular interest in improving the health of our waterways and as the chairman of the VRFish Habitat and Water Reference Group, actively represents VRFish on numerous committees and stakeholder reference groups to advocate for better fish habitat and thriving recreational fisheries.

Professionally, Kris had many years of management experience in the engineering sector before undertaking a career change after studying conservation and land management, and now works in the environmental water management industry.

Kris enjoys all methods of fishing and targets a wide range of species, but predominantly spends most of his angling days fly fishing for trout in the Yarra Valley or chasing cod in northern Victoria whilst passing on the angling tradition to his two young children.

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