Halley Xu

Halley is the President of the Victoria Chinese Angling Association and represents more than 1400 registered members. The Victoria Chinese Angling Association aims to provide Australian Chinese fishing enthusiasts with comprehensive fishing related information including safety awareness, fishing techniques and locations.

Halley is passionate about safety awareness and providing safety information to recreational fishers with a particularly interest in rock fishing safety. Many culturally and linguistically diverse communities participate in rock fishing which can be a risky activity, especially if fishers are not used to the local conditions. Halley believes that VRFish has an opportunity to deliver valuable outcomes for recreational fishers through delivering vital information about conditions at popular fishing locations to enable fishers to make informed decisions before embarking on fishing trips.

As a Board member of VRFish, Halley looks forward to connecting with VRFish members, delivering safety workshops, sharing vital sharing information with culturally and linguistically diverse communities and working together to translate important safety information to ensure all recreational fishers are able to access vital safety information.

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