We are currently refreshing our position statements on a range issues that are important to recreational fishing in Victoria. As each one is finalised we will publish them here.

Carp Control

European carp have caused immense ecological damage across Victoria and the Murray-Darling Basin. In some areas, carp now comprise over 80% of the entire biomass.  Carp control, including the evaluation of the carp virus is supported by VRFish. VRFish considers a successful introduction of the carp virus is a critical strategy to support the recovery of our native freshwater fish, build better freshwater fisheries and improve water quality and ecosystem function.

VRFish supports the National Carp Control Program and their current work program to better understand the risks prior to the formal Government decision to release the carp virus. All the best available information and research will be analysed and interrogated by VRFish prior to endorsing a release of the carp virus. Currently, there is no evidence to suggest the carp virus will spread to other species.

VRFish will seek to play a pivotal role to convey factual and credible information and updates to recreational fishers arising from the National Carp Control program, Federal and Victorian Governments and other sources. We will also actively pursue opportunities recreational fishers can become involved in engagement and consultation processes.

Complementary measures should be adopted in the overall plan such as a native fish recovery and stocking plan and restoring habitat. Recreational fishers can play a vital role in supporting on-ground actions, clean-up operations and response.

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