Affiliated Organisations

Affiliated Organisation Membership is open to organisations and institutions that share VRFishโ€™s vision to work collaboratively through joint advocacy, research, communication, training, funding or other services. 

Below is a list of our Affiliated Organisation Members:

About Our Affiliated Organisation Members

The BIAV is the peak body for the marine sector, and represents an industry worth $4.5 Billion dollars to the Victorian economy and provides more than 17,700 jobs. BIAV represents its members and supports the 200,000 registered boat owners, 400,000 marine license holders, and 900,000 boating participants in Victoria each year.

The Professional Fishing Instructors and Guides Association of Australia (PFIGA) provides recreational anglers with the skills to support an exciting and sustainable fishing future. Fishing saltwater or freshwater, fly casting, lure casting or fishing with natural bait, whatever style of fishing you like, a professional fishing guide will save you time and money in reaching your goals. Find a member in Victoria here.

Fishcare Victoria is a community based not-for-profit organisation promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

OzFish Unlimited is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping the millions of Aussie recreational fishers take control of the health of their rivers, lakes and estuaries and shore up the future of the sport they love. Find a OzFish Unlimited Chapter in Victoria here

The Dive Industry Association of Victoria (DIVA) was established to promote the sport of diving in Victoria and to support Victorians involved in the diving industry.  DIVA is the diving community voice on issues affecting the Victorian dive industry and the Victorian diving environment.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris: one of the major environmental issues worldwide.

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