Women’s Recreational Fishing Network to include Boating. 

The number of women in recreational fishing has increased rapidly in the five years since the establishment of the Women in Recreational Fishing Network, which will become Women in Recreational Fishing and Boating (WIRFAB).

Since being established on International Women’s Day in 2018 the network has grown rapidly to include more than 4,100 members from around Victoria, Australia and abroad. This includes 20 leaders promoting the network and advocating for women in fishing.

The network’s success was recently recognised on the global stage at the 10th World Recreational Fishing Conference, scoring an award for excellence in promoting inclusive participation in recreational fishing.

The network includes beginners to experts and provides a welcoming place to share stories, experiences and tips. This will now extend to recreational boating and will cover a range of topics from professional development opportunities to practical skills-based events such as trailer reversing clinics. 

The network offers opportunities to build connections in the industry through major events and through the development of the WIRF Locals program, which includes more than 300 women participating in regular skills-based sessions to build their fishing knowledge.

Recreational Fishing and Boating Network leader Michelle Brittain reflected on the success of the network. ‘I’ve always had a passion for fishing and the network has helped me harness it and turn it into a career. Now I’m able to use what I’ve learned to give back to other women hoping to forge their own path in fishing and boating.’

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