Brighton’s North Road Boat Ramp Closure Extended

We’ve received the following update from the Bayside City Council advising that the closure of Brighton’s North Road boat ramp will be extended with a tentative reopening date of late October.

The extended closure has been caused by the discovery and management of asbestos particles found in the soil at the site.

Whilst excavating to install drainage early in the project, the contractor encountered some rubble and fill that was suspected to contain asbestos. The site was closed whilst preliminary testing was undertaken by a suitably qualified consultant, the testing has now confirmed the presence of asbestos contamination.

Bayside City Council has made the site safe, provided notification to the EPA, is conducting further testing, and has informed local residents and key stakeholders throughout the process.

Council is hopeful that the works will restart shortly and be completed before Christmas, however it will be dependent on the advice from the consultants and agreement with the EPA.


On the 15th September, the main boat ramp at Half Moon Bay was dredged. More than 500 cubic metres of sediment was removed.

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