River Jewel Flushed Away

The Goulburn River is cited as the most important freshwater destinations in surveys of recreational fishers. We regard this river as a jewel in the crown for Victoria’s native aquatic species, from Murray cod to critically endangered Trout cod and Murray Spiny crayfish. From below the Nagambie weir, through Shepparton to the Murray is one of the last refuges and breeding grounds of these incredible native species. It is also a wonderful spot to camp with family and friends, sit around the campfire and soak in the natural beauty of the sun rising and setting over the river. 

The best summer flows for the lower Goulburn are those around 600-800 meg/day. They replicate natural summer flows, support native plant growth, leave wonderful sand bars and provide ideal conditions for the survival of the breeding fish and crays, triggered by the high spring flows. 

Recreational fishers know first-hand, as substantiated by the latest science and reports from the community, the damage that unseasonal, high Inter-Valley Trade flows (IVTs) and unseasonal pulses cause to the Goulburn and its ecosystem – degraded riverbank stability and vegetation, declining ecosystem health, reduced access for fishing and other recreational uses and impacted cultural values. 

This past summer, for the first time in a long time, the lower Goulburn has seen some of the most natural flows with minimal IVTs and without 3-4 metres of water pushing down the river. As a result, riparian vegetation has rebounded, native fish have responded to natural spawning cues, and fishing and camping has never been better! 

The Goulburn is a wonderful river. It is the heartbeat of the Goulburn Valley and draws fishers from across Victoria to chase iconic Murray cod. Let’s do all we can to look after it.

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