VRFish pledges support for Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy!

We encourage recreational fishers to do the same. Your fishing will depend on it.

The strategy identifies the big-picture changes required to build the resilience of the Catchment’s land, water, biodiversity and people now and into the future.

The Goulburn Broken Catchment is situated in Victoria and is part of the Murray-Darling Basin. Covering 10.5% of Victoria, the catchment encompasses the valleys of the Goulburn and Broken rivers and part of the Murray valley. It stretches from close to the outskirts of greater Melbourne in the south to the Murray River in the north, Mt Buller to the east and the Mt Camel Range to the west.

Pledge your support here:…/goulburn-brok…/pledge-support

To find out more about the draft Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy:

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