Fix Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Recreational Water

We’ve written to the Minister for Water Lisa Neville to advocate for the improved security of recreational water supply and delivery to ten Wimmera Mallee recreational lakes.

Wimmera Mallee communities now face the situation that recreational water has received no water allocation.
This is unacceptable to VRFish,Beulah Weir Pool, Brim Weir Pool, Donald Caravan Park Lake, Lake Lascelles, Lake Marma, Tchum Lake, Warracknabeal Weir Pool, Watchem Lake and Wooroonook Lake.

The Issue at a Glance:

• The State Government agreed that delivery of recreational water (security of supply) would be equal to stock and domestic allocation.
• The pipeline capacity design was engineered to deliver high security of supply recreational water to these communities.
• Current water users have and continue to pay a levy (RCC) for recreational water delivery.
• Modelling shows that reprioritising the originally agreed priority for recreational water delivers a 1% impact across all water entitlement holders.
• Victorian Fisheries Authority and recreational fishing licence holders invest funds to stock recreational fish species in all ten Wimmera Mallee pipeline lakes.

Read a copy of the letter here:

[Picture: Why these Lakes need recreational water! Gary Dunstan, Donald Angling Club with a lure caught Golden Perch at Lake Wooroonook.]

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