πŸ“£ Have Your Say πŸ“£ Outline for consultation: National Fisheries Plan

Consultation on the National Fisheries Plan is now open.

The National Fisheries Plan aims to provide a shared vision and strategic framework to prioritise actions and enhance collaboration among Australian governments to drive sustainable growth of the Australian fishing and seafood community.

Fishing is an important cultural, recreational, and commercial activity for many Australians. It is how many Australians access fresh, local seafood, providing a source of employment and economic activity in regional communities. Fishing is also a great way to spend a weekend 🎣, provided you are not in lockdown.

The National Fisheries Plan has 8 focus areas including employment and health, Indigenous opportunity, sustainability, and adaptation.

It’s vital that Australia has a plan in place to support the sustainable growth of Australia’s fishing and seafood community 🐟 🦐 🦞

The Australian Government is inviting feedback on the draft National Fisheries Plan from commercial, recreational and Indigenous fishers, fisheries managers and policy makers, seafood consumers, environmental non-government organisations and interested members of the Australian public.

Have your say on development of the National Fisheries Plan by visiting

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