Abalone Disease Controls Still in Force in the South West

For more information, visit the Agriculture Victoria website or call 136 186.

With the school holidays fast approaching, many Victorians will be heading away to enjoy the holidays with their families. If you’re heading to the south west, particularly to Portland, it’s important to ensure you’re aware of the current control measures in place in the region following the detection of Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis (AVG).

A control area was declared on 4 May. The control area around Portland and Bridgewater has several restrictions in place which recfishers should be aware of before heading to the area.

What’s allowed:

  • Fishing for tuna is allowed outside the Control Area
  • Line-fishing without a sinker is allowed within the control area provided you do not anchor
  • Launching boats in the Portland Harbour as long as you don’t anchor or use any weighted fishing equipment in the Control Area
  • Fishing with a line from the breakwater provided you’re standing on the breakwater
  • Swimming, surfing, paddle boarding or walking in the control area
  • Cleaning your boat with a high-pressure sprayer and detergent after a day on the water

What’s not allowed:

  • Taking abalone and other shellfish
  • Use of weighted commercial fishing equipment, commercial abalone equipment, recreation hoop nets, bait traps, hauling nets
  • Practice of both commercial and recreational diving for abalone
  • Taking of rock lobster, all shellfish, sea urchins and any of the substrate or sea floor
  • Movement of any abalone or shellfish out of the control area unless the movement is in accordance with a permit issued by an inspector
  • Snorkelling and diving

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