A win for cod fishers in Western Victoria

VRFish is thrilled with the announcement that recreational fishers can now reel in a Murray cod year-round in the Wimmera and Millicent basins. 

VRFish successfully advocated for the removal of the Murray cod closed season from the Wimmera and Millicent basins on behalf of Victoria’s recreational fishers.

In 2020, VRFish wrote a proposal to the Victorian Fisheries Authority to remove the closed season from the Wimmera and Millicent basins, excluding the Wimmera River. The basins are outside of the natural range for Murray cod and are put-and-take stocked fisheries with low natural recruitment.

It’s a big win for recreational fishers and will provide enhanced freshwater fishing opportunities in Western Victoria. Fishers will be able to target Murray cod year-round in emerging native fisheries such as Rocklands Reservoir and Taylors Lake.

Removing Murray cod closed season at Lake Eildon has successfully eased fishing pressure and provided fishers with a place to fish during spring when Murray cod naturally breed in our rivers, it’s expected to have a similar result in the Wimmera.

This win for Victoria’s recreational fishers demonstrates the benefit of having a strong and independent peak body.

The annual closed season will remain in the Wimmera River, from 1 September to 30 November, giving breeding Murray cod protection during the spawning season.

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