Get Involved in the Know Your Knots Challenge

OzFish Unlimited and Tangaroa Blue have kicked off their #KnowYourKnots Social Media Challenge to tackle fishing litter in Australian waterways.

Some of Australia’s most well-known recfishing influencers and personalities are taking part in the social media challenge to encourage recfishers to look after their tackle and tie better knots to reduce fishing litter from entering our waterways.

The challenge for recfishers is to see if they can beat the tying times of their favourite fishing personalities by using the hashtag #KnowYourKnots and tying an FG knot.

Well-known recfishers who have participated so far include Steve ‘Starlo‘ Starling, Fishing World‘s Scott Thomas, Creek to Coast‘s Scott Hillier, Adam Royle from Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA), and Nikki Bryant from Purple Patch Fishing.

Find out more about the Know Your Knots Challenge on the OzFish Website here.

To take part in the challenge, use the hashtag #KnowYourKnots on social media and share your FG knot tying time.

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