Rocky Reefs Near Geelong Complete

Photo: Victorian Fisheries Authority

Three new rocky reefs near Geelong were recently completed by the Victorian Fisheries Authority and the people behind the reef names have been presented with a keepsake from the Minister for Fishing and Boating, Melissa Horne.

The new recreational fishing reefs have been constructed at Outer Harbour, St Helens and Kirk Point. These locations were identified as the most suitable sites in Corio Bay and the Geelong Arm at a meeting held by VRFish with local recfishers. The sites are within easy access of exisiting boat ramps and the reef at St. Helens is accessible for land-based fishers.

Outer Harbour’s Moolap Reef was named as ‘Moolap’ is the Indigenous name of Point Henry and recognises the cultural significance of the sea country to the Wadawurrung People.

St. Helens Reef will be called Merv’s Reef, named after the late Merv McGuire who was a former Executive Officer of VRFish. Kirk Point’s Reef will be called Wilson Reef, named after Geelong fishing legend and writer Geoff Wilson.

The naming of the reefs is a wonderful recognition for Geoff Wilson and the late Merv McGuire who have made such an outstanding contribution to the Victorian recreational fishing sector.

The rocky reefs are located at:

  • Merv’s Reef (St. Helens): 38° 07.228’ 144° 21.658’
  • Moolap Reef (Outer Harbour): 38° 06.374’ 144° 28.581’
  • Wilson’s Reef (Kirks Point): 38° 03.436’ 144° 36.588’

The new reefs will deliver enriched fish habitat which will provide recfishers with more fishing opportunities for popular saltwater species such as snapper, King George whiting, flathead and calamari.

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