Australia’s State of Environment Report 2021

Public consultation is open for the draft scoping papers for the next State of Environment Report (SoE2021).

You will find the draft scoping papers, together with a short survey to be completed for each of the papers that you are interested in and wish to comment on at the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment’s website.

The survey is your opportunity to identify subjects, topics and/or issues that are relevant to you, and to propose case studies that you think worthy of inclusion under the themes of interest to you.

The authors are keen for feedback on their draft scoping papers—in particular whether there are any major gaps in the proposed coverage of their thematic area, and whether there are key data sources that they should be aware of as they draft their reports.  

The comment period closes at midnight on Sunday 25 October.

To read the scoping papers and complete the survey click here.

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