Will 10 Rock Lobster Tags Enough?

Since the introduction of the rock lobster tagging program in 2017, we have been able to have in our possession a maximum 20 tags at any one time. As we use tags, more tags can be reordered or topped up to a maximum of 20 tags.

As we prepare for the 4th season, data from the program is showing that many tens of thousands of tags remain unused each season. To reduce this wastage the Victorian Fisheries Authority are proposing to reduce the maximum of 20 tags down to 10. The total number of tags that can be used during the season will remain unlimited.

Looking at the data over the first two seasons, the majority of recreational divers and fishers do not take more than 10 lobsters in an entire season. 

Its important to note that transferring of unused tags between individuals will still be permitted. This means if you are in the situation of not having any tags you can obtain someone else’s tags through a simple transfer.

To help develop VRFish’s submission we would like to hear from recreational divers and fishers on their support to reduce the number of tags from 20 to 10. In particular we would like to hear from very active rock lobster fishers how this may impact your fishing remembering the objective of the proposed change is for program and cost efficiency, not catch reduction.

Drop us a line at [email protected] with any thoughts our feedback. Comments close 19 June 2020.

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