VRFish Awarded at the National Level

The National Recreational Fishing Awards were held last week in Hobart with VRFish being honoured by winning the Award for Excellence in Recreational Fishing Communication.

Over the past two years, we worked with Paul Kelly Creative in Geelong to develop new, modernised branding and a content based marketing approach to ensure recreational fishers can receive more credible, relevant and timely content.

Communicating and engaging with close to 1 million Victorian fishers is a challenge and this recognition confirms we are moving in the right direction.

We now regularly communicates with over 65,000 Victorian recreational fishers through our online communications. This calendar year, we expect to reach 2 million on Facebook with a 10% engagement rate. 

It has never been a better time to be a recreational fisher in Victoria. The Victorian Government’s Target One Million program gives VRFish plenty of content to share and discuss with fishers.

VRFish’s Foundation Member, Fishcare Victoria was also recognised by taking out the the Award for Best Project or Initiative Encouraging Women/Young People’s Participation in Fishing.

Braeden Lampard, President of the OzFish Unlimited Sunrysia Chapter in Mildura was awarded the Most Successful Future Leader.

Braeden Lampard, OzFish Unlimited

The awards was a strong showing by Victoria with the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s Travis Dowling a finalist for the Excellence in Innovation and Leadership, David Kramer a finalist for Recreational Fishing Volunteer of the Year, the Victorian Rock Lobster Tagging Program a finalist in the Award for Excellence in Research Outcomes and the Women in Recreational Fishing Network a finalist in the Award for Best Project or Initiative Encouraging Women/Young People’s Participation in Fishing.

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