New ‘Boating Vic’ App Launched Ahead of Summer

A brand new Boating Vic App and website have been launched this week. Built by Maritime Safety Victoria, Boating Vic is a comprehensive trip planning tool with all the boat ramp information, how many parking bays, weather information direct from the Bureau of Meteorology, important alerts and safety information. 

VRFish has been pushing the installation of webcams at our boat ramps so that we can see how busy the ramp is and whether there are any parking spots available to help mitigate congestion and ramp rage during peak times. The Boating Vic app takes a photo feed from where we currently have webcams and a really cool new feature is that they were upgraded to be motion sensored and can tell you if the ramp is busy or quiet in real time. 



Apple | App Store:

Android | Google Play:

Any new app may experience functionality issues and the Boating Vic team will be working to fix any bugs that arise as soon as possible. If you have any feedback to provide on the Boating Vic app, email MSV on: [email protected]

Safety Campaign

Many boaters will check the weather before venturing out but often fail to continue checking the weather once out on the water. A new safety campaign, ‘Know the Weather, Get Boating Vic,’ is being implemented by Maritime Safety Victoria alongside the new app to encourage all water users to think about trip preparation and weather changes to ensure they return home safely.

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