FAD’s Trial to Expand Across Surf Coast

VRFish joined Torquay Angling Club, Lorne Aquatic and Angling Club and the Victorian Fisheries Authority to celebrate the return of Torquay’s FAD’s (Fish Aggregation Devices) and two brand new FAD’s which will be installed off Lorne and Airley’s Inlet in the coming weeks. 

The FAD’s were a part of a two-year trial and saw kingfish captured as anticipated, which is why the trial is being extended and expanded to include other southwest locations.

The Torquay FAD’s are anchored to the artificial reefs which were deployed off Torquay in 2015. The Torquay FADs are located above the reef at 38˚ 19.990′ S 144˚ 22.440′ E.

By the end of November, FAD’s will be deployed at the proposed locations off Lorne (38° 32.264’S 144° 01.940 E) and Airley’s Inlet (38° 29.143’S 144° 09.728 E).

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