Suspended: Yarra River Waterway Rules Consultation

VRFish has some grave concerns for a proposal by Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) that will kill in its current form will off boat-based bream fishing in the Yarra River.

The proposed changes to the rules are intended to apply to boaters, rowers and paddlers on the Yarra River upstream from Bolte Bridge to Dight’s Falls. MSV are intending to introduce “Restricted Zones” prohibiting any stopping, drifting, turning, reversing direction or crossing the river under or near all the bridges that span the Yarra from the waters of the Port up to Dight Falls. Its proposed that this restricted zones spanning the width of the river and 75 metres either side (shown in orange on the maps).

Anyone who has fished the river in a small boat or kayak will know the structure around the bridges are some of the most productive waters for our estuarine species, particularly bream.

Maritime Safety Victoria have been inundated by community interest since VRFish raised the the matter has has has now opted to extend the public consultation period to the 29 November 2019. You can find the full details by clicking here.

If you would like to make a formal submission you can do so by:

  • emailing: [email protected] or
  • snail mail: Yarra River Waterway Rules Proposal, TSV, PO Box 2797, Melbourne VIC 3001

We recommend explaining in your submission how important recreational fishing is to you and the Yarra River, how you currently fish around structures in particularly bridges, what impact the proposal would have on you and how you are contributing towards being a safe and harmonious water user.

VRFish will be preparing a submission after it has met with MSV, Parks Victoria and the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

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