Planting Trees to Help Fish in the Curdies River

Keen fishers are needed to help plant 3,000 native trees, shrubs and grasses along the Curdies River near Curdievale on Sunday 22 September.

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority have partnered with VRFish, Heytesbury District Landcare and local angling clubs to host the planting day, which aims to return a one kilometre stretch of the lower Curdies River to its original habitat.

The 8ha planting site is just 700 metres downstream from the Curdievale boat ramp, a popular launching point for black bream fishers from across the region. 

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority’s Gene Gardiner said that healthy habitat is the key to healthy fisheries.

“Planting native vegetation along waterways improves habitat for fish like black bream by providing shade, reducing extremes in water temperature, filtering nutrients and sediments from catchment run-off, and reducing erosion,” he said.

“Through partnerships with angling groups and agencies, the Corangamite CMA is working to restore riparian land, improve instream habitat, enable fish passage, and engage with communities to spread the message that caring for our catchments benefits everyone.”

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The Corangamite CMA’s Curdies River Planting Day is supported by the Victorian Government’s $1 million Angler Riparian Partnerships Program, which engages recreational fishers in riparian habitat improvement projects across Victoria.  

Other groups involved in the day include: OzFish Unlimited South West Victoria Chapter, Lake Purrumbete Angling Club, Cobden Angling Club, Curdievale Angling Club and South Western District Association of Angling Clubs Inc.

Download the Curdies River Tree Planting Day flyer

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