The Great Perch Search

The Victorian Fisheries Authority and a small group of specialist fishers from VRFish, ANSA, Essendon Angling Club and Greensborough Angling Club recently volunteered their skills and time to help improve the sustainability of Estuary Perch in Victoria. 

About 100 Estuary Perch were captured and safely placed in a holding area for transport to a specialised breeding facility in New South Wales. At the end of the ‘Great Perch Search,’ about 45 of the captured fish were carefully placed in transport boxes and flown directly to the breeding facility. The remainder were safely released back into the Tarwin River. 

These fish will produce hundred of thousands of offspring that will be returned to the Tarwin River, the Maribyrnong River and other locations around Victoria increasing our populations of Estuary Perch.

A great volunteer effort by dedicated fishers who want to assist to make fishing great for all victorians. Unfortunately, we didn’t all catch fish but we were on the water giving it our best. Considering the atrocious weather conditions, the group did a great job catching so many fish.  

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