Boat Ramp Cams Down Ahead of New Site from MSV

For the last few years, VRFish has been providing you with valuable web cam feeds from selected boat ramps in Port Phillip Bay and Westernport to help you plan your fishing trip, gauge how busy the ramp is and find out if there are any boat trailer parking spots left.

The bad news is we have had to take down our Boat Ramp Cams webpage as we no longer have access to the webcams. While we are disappointed we can no longer provide this popular service, the good news is we have been briefed by Maritime Safety Victoria who are developing a new one-stop-stop website and app.

The team at MSV are working very hard to get the new website up and running to coincide with peak boating season and the annual snapper run. The site is expected to be released and available this summer season. MSV are also updating and installing new camera technology at a range of locations.

Features include:

  • Ramp and carpark vision
  •  Comprehensive local weather information
  • Weather and waterway warnings
  • Safety advice
  • Facility information
  • Waterway information

From what we have seen in development the product promises to be an excellent tool for fishers, in conjunction with adding more boat ramp web cams to expand the service.

For more information, visit Maritime Safety Victoria.

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