Update to the Code of Practice for Timber Production

Update to the Code of Practice for Timber Production is now live on Engage Victoria.

VRFish was contacted by fishers last year with concerned about logging activity around the Snobs Creek and adjacent Rubicon Valley, and its impact to water quality of our rivers, our fishery and water used by for the Snob Creek Hatchery.

Our analysis to the situation led us to DELWP’s role as the regulator, its ability to undertake compliance, and a range of inconsistencies contained in the Code of Practice for Timber Production and the related Management Standards to protect river health.

Therefore, we welcome the Government’s review of the Code. It presents an excellent opportunity for recreational fishers to send a strong message on the assurances we expect in the timber harvesting processes to safeguard our rivers and our fish stocks.

As always we welcome your input via [email protected] towards a VRFish submission. Submission close 29 September 2019.

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