VRFish 2019 Board Nominations Open

The Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body in accordance to the rotation prescribed by its Constitution is seeking nominations from its membership to fill the 4 Director positions and 1 Chair position at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 19 October 2019.

In the event the number of nominations for the above positions exceeds the number of positions available, it will be necessary to run a vote by ballot prior to the AGM.

In accordance with the VRFish constitution, members eligible to nominate for the positions and vote on ballots (if required) are the voting members of VRFish which include:

  • Adult members
    • Individual members
  • Fishing Association members
    • including; Foundation Organisations
  • Fishing Club members
    • Fishing Club Supporters
  • Affiliate members

Nominations close Thursday 19 September 2019.

The Criteria for these Board positions is as follows: 

  1. Board Position Description (.pdf)
  2. Chair Position Description (.pdf)


  1. Nominations for the above positions close on Thursday 19 September 2019and must be submitted to the VRFish Office.
  2. Nominations must include:
    • A signed Board Director Nomination Form ( .pdf) ( .doc) including a written statement in response to the criteria not exceeding 250 words, and 
    • A recent photograph
  3. The Board Director Nomination Form must be signed by an eligible voting VRFish member.
  4. Indicate whether the nomination is for an elected Board Director or elected Chair.
  5. If both positions are being nominated, two separate Board Director Nomination Forms are required. Please refer to the specific Criteria when preparing Nominee’ written statements.
  6. Nominees’ written statements and photographs will be circulated to all voting members
    • via a ballot process, if nominations exceed vacant positions
    • or prior to the AGM on 19 October 2019 in the AGM papers
  7. Applicants who proceed to election will be required to sign the VRFish Board Code of Conduct prior to the vote taking place. 

Additional information 

  1. The VRFish Board comprises 8 elected Board Directors and 1 elected Chair.
  2. The 4 Directors and 1 Chair incumbents whose terms expire at the 2019 AGM are all entitled to stand for re-election in accordance with the VRFish Constitution.
  3. There are 6-8 Board Meetings per year held. These are generally conducted across Melbourne and Geelong and may include meeting held regionally and via teleconference or web conference.
  4. In setting the above Criteria, the VRFish Board, has considered: 
    1. VRFish strategic plan. 
    2. VRFish good governance principles which include the need for a skills-based board. 
    3. The current make-up of the Board.
    4. The Board’s self-assessment of its skills and performance.  
  5. VRFish is committed to ensuring the diversity of the Board represents the diversity of the recreational fishing community. Women, Indigenous people, people with a disability, young people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Further Information
For any queries about this process, eligibility or hardcopy forms please contact VRFish Executive Officer, Michael Burgess on 5221 1104 or via [email protected].

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