Hooked on Victoria!

Victorian fishers can now show off their love of fishing on their number plates!

Earlier this year, VicRoads ran a survey to pick a winning number plate design as well as asking the public what slogan should be printed on the plates. More than 2600 people participated in the survey to determine which design best shows off Victoria’s love of fishing.

Today, Minister for Fishing and Boating, Jaala Pulford, released the winning design and the winning slogan ‘Hooked on Victoria.’

The design features an angler fishing on Victoria. The winning slogan was suggested by Wayne from Maffra who scored his own fishing number plates as a reward.

Offering custom fishing number plates to Victorian’s was a key commitment of Labor’s Target One Million (Phase Two) plan to get more Victorian’s fishing, more often.

To check out the custom plates, visit the website here:

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