EOI Call For Rec Fishing Reps For Rock Lobster Group

Are you a keen rock lobster fisher? Do you have knowledge or experience with fisheries research or stock assessments?
VRFish are inviting interested fishers to nominate to sit on a Rock Lobster and Giant Crab Resource Assessment Group (RLRAG)  that provides recommendations and advice to the Victorian Fisheries Authority. The RLRAG will be have sufficient expertise to carry out its functions and can include up to 2 recreational fishers.


The RLRAG is a technical advisory group and will be tasked with reviewing fisheries data and providing recommendations and advice on future management. As specified in the management plans of the rock lobster and giant crab fisheries, the primary function of the is to review data on the rock lobster and giant crab fisheries and provide recommendations and advice on the status of these stocks with reference to the harvest strategy.


  • Reviews the annual rock lobster and giant crab stock assessments and fishery status reports;
  • Provides advice on the outcomes of the stock assessments against the performance measures described in the management plans for each of the fisheries;
  • Identifies fishery assessment and monitoring gaps, needs and priorities;
  • Develops and set priorities for an annual RLRAG work plan that, subject to approval by the Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Fisheries Authority, reflects identified fishery management and research priorities and requirements; and,
  • Reports its outcomes to the Victorian Fisheries Authority and the Total Allowable Commercial Catch Advisory Forums.

Your Commitment

The RLRAG meets 4 times per year and is held during business hours at Queenscliff. Members are eligible for reimbursement through the Victorian Fisheries Authority for reasonable travel, accommodation and associated expenses.

RLRAG members must:

  • act in the best interests of the fishery as a whole rather than as an advocate for any particular organisation or interest group;
  • be prepared to negotiate to achieve acceptable outcomes and compromise where necessary;
  • be respectful to other members;
  • be prepared to make the necessary commitment of time to ensure that they are fully across agenda items to be discussed as a RAG meeting;
  • contribute to discussion in an objective and impartial manner and avoid pursuing personal agendas or self-interest; and,
  • be prepared to consult with members of their stakeholder group as necessary to effectively contribute to RAG discussions.


To apply, you will will need to complete this RLRAG Expression of Interest Form and submit it to VRFish no later than November 4 2018.

RLRAG Terms of Reference

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