New Native Fish Hatchery Needed

VRFish, the peak body representing Victorian recreational fishers, is advocating for a purpose-built native fish hatchery to be built in northern Victoria as part of its election platform.

In 2017/18, the Victorian Government stocked 5 million native fish to create new and vibrant fishing opportunities for all Victorians as a key component of the Target One Million policy.

VRFish Chairman Mr. Rob Loats said, “The popularity of our native freshwater fisheries has reached new heights thanks to dedicated stocking programs for our iconic Murray cod and golden perch.”

“Unfortunately, our ageing infrastructure has not kept pace with growing demand, leading to many fish stocked in Victoria purchased from commercial hatcheries in NSW.”

“We also fear our supply of native fish from NSW commercial hatcheries could be under threat due to changes in ownership.”

“A specific native fish hatchery in northern Victoria will better suit the required growing conditions of our native fish and secure the State’s fish stocking program well into the future.”

The only Victorian Government run fish hatchery is at Snob’s Creek and was established to breed salmonids in cooler waters 71 years ago.

Fishers have contacted VRFish in support of an expanded native fish breeding program, including increased production of Macquarie perch, blackfish, trout cod, silver perch and eel-tail catfish to both improve recreational fishing and to help recover these species in the wild.

VRFish also believes that a new native fish hatchery will free up much needed space and resources at the Snob’s Creek Hatchery to increase the production salmonids, including catchable-sized rainbow trout stocked in Family Fishing Lakes.

Stocking native fish at Rocklands Reservoir

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