Golden Opportunities for New Native Fisheries

VRFish, the peak body representing Victorian recreational fishers, is encouraging the Victorian Fisheries Authority to continue unlocking the incredible potential of new native fisheries across regional Victoria.

VRFish Chairman Mr. Rob Loats said, “Lake Bellfield in the Grampians and Pykes Creek Reservoir near Ballan are two prime candidates to begin establishing new native fisheries as soon as possible.”

VRFish has received feedback from anglers that Lake Bellfield has not been performing very well as a rainbow trout fishery and believes the addition of both Murray cod and golden perch would create a fantastic mixed species fishery.

“We want to extend the excitement and new economic opportunities in the Grampians Regionthat coincided with the new native fishery at Rocklands Reservoir,” he said.

Pykes Creek Reservoir is only 1 hour drive from both Melbourne and Geelong and VRFish believes stocking of golden perch would inspire a steady stream of day trippers to head up the Western Freeway for a fish.

“Victoria is the envy of Australia’s freshwater anglers with an incredible 5 million native fish and 1 million trout stocked in the last 12 months,” he said.

This week the Victorian Fisheries Authority conducts its annual series of ‘Vic Stock’ meetings with anglers to inform the annual fish stocking program.

VRFish members from around the State bring stocking proposals to these meetings and use their local knowledge to formulate agreed stocking regimes that will create vibrant native and trout fishing opportunities for all Victorians.

“Having a hand in every fish stocked in our waters is again reason to support a strong and independent recreational fishing peak body with our mission to make fishing better for everyone,” he said.

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