Booked out, locked out of River Red Gum Parks

VRFish is warning fishers and campers of Parks Victoria’s secret agenda to roll out bookable campsites across Murray River Red Gum Parks despite the peak body’s strong opposition.

Parks Victoria released the final Murray River Red Gum Parks Management Plan last week which committed to investigating a camp booking system for the area.

VRFish Chairman Mr. Rob Loats is calling for any references to booking systems be removed immediately from the plan.

“Imagine setting up camp at your favourite fishing spot, where your family have visited for generations, to only have someone to then turn up asking you to leave because they booked it online 12 months ago,” he said.

“It’s a ridiculous thought-bubble and a dangerous recipe for unnecessary conflict,” he said.

“If people want the convenience to be assured accommodation then that’s what nearby caravan parks and hotels are for, which benefits the regional economy,” he said.

VRFish believes the Victorian community has a right to enjoy camping and fishing beside a warm campfire and enjoy the tranquil surrounds of the mighty Murray River catchment.

VRFish have been assured within the plan dispersed camping, campfires, and boat and vehicle access will be protected and local communities consulted.

“We must keep Parks Victoria accountable and ensure they do not backflip on their promises,” he said.

“It goes against the current Government’s ‘Target One Million Policy’ to grow fishing and participation,” he said.

“It’s again a reminder to all Victorians fishers the importance of having a strong and independent recreational fishing peak body protecting their interests,” he said.

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