Platform extension at Devilbend

A 36 metre extension to the floating pontoon at Devilbend Reservoir on the Mornington Peninsula has been completed helping us access deeper water and better fishing opportunities.

VRFish member Tom Camp has been a strong advocate for opening up fishing in the reservoir and now continues to put more effort into improving fishing for all abilities and families. He introduces the extension of the platform in a new online video produced by the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

Already a magnet for fishers, the pontoon was located within an area of fringing vegetation which caused us some headaches.

The existing platform was positioned in shallow water and fringing aquatic vegetation also caused problems.

VRFish wrote to the then Fisheries Victoria in March 2017 supporting the extension and funding through the Better Fishing Facilities Fund, an initiative of Target One Million. The increased shore-based access complements the on-water fishing access which has been permitted from 2 December 2017.

Devilbend has been stocked with 122,000 estuary perch since 2014 and regularly receives annual stockings of both rainbow and brown trout. The Mornington Peninsula Fly Fishers fishing club has been extremely pro-active to improve fishing at Devilbend.

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