Have your say: Victoria’s pipi fishery

Do you collect or use pipis for bait or like to consume these tasty little molluscs? The Victorian Fisheries Authority has released a draft of Victoria’s first management plan for pipis and we are keen to hear your thoughts.

The pipi fishery in Victoria is currently focused around two small areas; Discovery Bay near Portland which is mainly a commercial fishery; and Venus Bay to the east which is mainly a recreational fishery.

We rely upon the commercial fishery to supply pipis for bait to catch some of our favourite fish species, including King George whiting. Supporting the development of a sustainable pipi fishery is an important step to ensure the continued the supply of locally sourced bait at the right price point, while the popularity of pipis in the seafood market take off.

The drafting of a management plan ensures the development of the fishery is sustainable, addressing any risks through management strategies and is undertaken equitably.

The plan supports the expansion of the commercial fishery under a quota management system and provide for access to new, unexplored areas to promote the ongoing sustainability, viability and efficiency of the commercial fishery. This will in turn support the growth of the commercial fishery to enable it to meet growing demand.

For us recreational fishers there are no proposed changes. Currently, in Venus Bay (between Point Smythe and Arch Rock) there is a daily individual limit of 2 litres whole shell or half litre shucked meat applies. In all other areas a catch limits of 5 litres whole or 1 litre shucked per person per day. No pipis can be harvested within the intertidal zone of Port Phillip Bay or in any Marine National Park or Marine Sanctuary.

We are keen to hear your thoughts on the draft pipi plan. Please contact us directly on [email protected]

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