Education, Not Regulation for Makos

VRFish welcomes the opportunity to lead an awareness and education program to protect and enhance our fantastic mako shark recreational fishery.

We wrote to the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) last week recommending they withdraw our proposal for a minimum size limit for shortfin mako sharks if there was no board-scale support from fishers arising from the public consultation process.

Today, the VFA confirmed the majority of submissions to the public consultation process supported an education campaign rather than regulation.

VRFish provides opportunities of passionate and forward-thinking fishers and our members to bring ideas and proposals for discussion and further consultation.

In this instance, initial support from fishers last year on the proposal for a minimum size limit had diminished during the recent public consultation period. As the representative body for recreational fishers in Victoria its vital that we listen to our fishers, both when proposals are raised and when these proposals are put out for public consultation.

Robust discussions during public consultation process has awakened strong support for protection of the recreational shark fishery in Victoria and a need to ensure the sustainability of our fishery which could not have occurred any other way.

We proposed alternative approaches including the promotion of safe and responsible fishing practices and continuing to advocate for further research and funding.

VRFish would like to thank all recreational fishers who contributed to the discussion and submitted their views through to us, and formally through the public consultation process.

Further information:

Read VRFish’s Submission

View the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s Media Release

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