“Know the law before you leave the shore,” Marine Safety Victoria.

Victoria has one of the lowest rates of boating-related drownings. Sadly, drownings still occur mostly when boaters are not wearing a lifejacket. Marine authorities enforce lifejacket laws and penalties apply if occupants are not wearing a lifejacket when they are required to do so. Likewise, penalties also apply to the owner and masters of vessels. By wearing a lifejacket you are not just saving a fine, you are saving your life.

In Victoria, each boating activity and vessel type has a different law. Similarly, whether you are on coastal, enclosed or inland waters, different laws can apply. Always be aware of your vessel type and the waters you are in to ensure you have the appropriate lifejacket for everyone on board.

Your lifejacket must also conform to certain Victorian Marine Safety Regulations and Standards. All lifejackets need to be checked and serviced in line with the manufactures guidelines. Penalties can apply if the appropriate checks have not been made to ensure all jackets are of a sufficient working standard.

The Victorian laws are complex so please familiarize yourself with the type of lifejacket your vessel is required to carry. By having the correct lifejacket on board, you are one step closer to ensuring a safer boating experience for you and your family.

For more information on Victorian lifejacket laws please see the marine safety Victoria website by clicking on the link below:

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